Seawalls must endure some of the most brutal conditions. Erosion behind an existing wall as well as cracking, or bowing can all be signs of trouble. Seawalls bear the burden of heavy loads with high levels of ground water and turbulent waters. The job of the seawall is to stabilize your shoreline and prevent erosion. It plays a vital role in your waterfront property. Replacing a seawall is a major cost and many things must be taken into consideration prior to selecting the right type of wall and which marine contractor to perform the work. With 20 plus years locally in the structural concrete business, Owner Roger Drouin knows more than most marine contractors, about concrete. Dock Masters Naples manufactures and builds concrete seawalls to engineers specifications to form and pour their own steel reinforced seawall panels, deadmen and seawall caps. Existing seawall or rip rap along with water depth and soil properties all impact what design will best suit the project. Call Dock Masters Naples for an estimate to repair your cap, seams, tie backs or deadmen, add secondary anchors or to replace your existing seawall. In addition to concrete seawall panels there are other products such as vinyl wall to consider.

Rip rap “armor protection” protects your shoreline differently than a conventional seawall. A rip rap bank absorbs and deflects the energy of waves before they reach the defended shoreline. The gaps between the rocks fill, which slows the water, lessoning its ability to erode coastal soil or structures. Rip rap banks are environmentally friendly and they invite sea life by creating an artificial reef. The density of the rock used, proper slope and experienced hand placement of the smaller sized rock is paramount to a rip rap wall that will withstand the harsh waters.