Dock Maintenance and Service

Dock Masters Naples provides many services as well as a Marine Services Scheduled Maintenance Program

General Services

  • Pile Removal and Replacement
  • Deck & Handrail Repair or Replacement
  • Lift Repair or Replacement
  • Seawall Repair or Replacement
  • Pile Scrape & Wrap
  • Pressure Wash & Seal Wood Decks, Handrails & Pile Strips.
  • Comprehensive Assessments of existing Marine Structures.
  • Cross Bracing Installation
  • Demolish, Remove and Dispose of existing Docks & Lifts.
  • Accessories: Caps, Strips, Bumpers, Line Hooks, Cleats, Dock Boxes, Fish Tables

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

From the shoreline to the water ward edge of your dock, the Scheduled Maintenance Program helps keep your investments in their best possible condition. Let Dock Masters Naples ease your mind while we perform scheduled maintenance during semiannual visits to service your boat lift and visually inspect your dock, piles, substructure, and seawall or rip rap for $300.00 per year. We offer these services for commercial sites too! Please call for consultation.

For residential marine services Scheduled Maintenance, our technician will;

  • Visually Inspect & Lubricate: winders, cables, motors, pulleys and pulley bolts.
  • Visually Inspect & Grease all fittings, on each pulley bolt and bearing block.
  • Visually Inspect: overall condition of lift, cables, cradle beams, guide posts, bunks and control system.
  • Run lift.
  • Visually Inspect: overall dock condition, substructure, piles, pile strips, decking, handrail.
  • Visually Inspect: Seawall & Cap for cracks, rust, rotation, erosion, or depressions.
  • Visually Inspect: Rip Rap for voids, and erosion.

Boat lifts which are properly maintained will provide many years of excellent operation. Failure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines to include industry standards, may result in a shortened life, and possible damage to the lift and or vessel. Did you know, that industry standards state that boat lift galvanized cables should be replaced every two years and stainless steel cables every four years?

Dock Maintenance – A premium pressure treated dock can use pressure washing and sealing periodically to help extend the life of the decking, handrail and strips. Pile wrap extends the life of wood piles. Hardwood decking such as Ipe’ needs to be pressure washed and oiled with specific products unless you have opted to let it “weather”. Some of the composite decks can be rinsed but not power washed, so it’s important to check first.
Seawalls that are showing signs of distress can usually be further secured with secondary anchors, or rock in front of the wall as well as a new cap. Seawalls are a considerable cost to replace, so getting the full life from your seawall save you money and aggravation. It is vital to monitor seawalls so that any breaches in the seawall can be eradicated as soon as possible.

Rip Rap banks do need to be refreshed over time. Monitoring your rip rap wall and scheduling some sprucing up of the rock armor, can spare you erosion.
Following each scheduled visit, a letter or email will be sent, detailing the observations as well as any recommendations for additional services. Any additional work needed or requested will involve and extra charge over and above the service provided as a part of the maintenance agreement. Our employees are fully insured to include Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and USL&H as required.

Preventative maintenance is a small investment to make promoting the longevity of your wall or bank, dock and lift.
We highly recommend you service your lift regularly, or have Dock Masters Naples do it for you!